Early move in Condo 1 bed unit 07D – The Sapphire Bloc North

The quotation for 1bed unit 07D in sapphire bloc north.

The condo will be ready in 24 months or earlier upon turnover of the unit and full payment either CASh or Bank Financing.

The Sapphire BlocNorth Tower 1

1 Bedroom

Unit 07D – no parking – 33 sqm – 355.21 sqft


10% Downpayment payable over 24 months


Gross Price                         PHP 4,089,591.00                            

Less: Rebate                      –                            

Plus Parking                        –                            

Net Gross Price                 PHP 4,089,591.00                            

                                                                                                                             Due Date            

Installment                         10.00%                 PHP 408,959.10                                

Less: Reservation Fee                                             50,000.00                             23-Aug-2014      

Net Installment                                                        358,959.10                          

No of Months to Pay      24                                                                                    From     To

Monthly Payments                                         PHP 14,956.63                                 23-Sep-2014       23-Aug-2016



Retention Turnover Balance*     90.0%    PHP 3,680,631.90                             23-Sep-2016      


Plus: Taxes and Fees** 6.00%                   PHP 245,375.46                                

No of Months to Pay      24                                          

Monthly Payments                                        PHP 10,223.98                                   23-Sep-2014       23-Aug-2016


Other payment terms are available upon request.

The Sapphire Bloc is near to the following landmarks:

– Wack wack Golf and Country Club
– University of Asia and the Pacific
– The Medical City
– Robinsons Galleria Mall and Supermarket
– Ortigas Center Business District
– MC Home Depot and Ortigas Home Depot
– Crowne Plaza Hotel
– City Golf Plaza
– Cardinal Santos Medical Center
– Ateneo de Manila University Medical School
– Asian Development Bank
Units now ready for viewing,
0917 8290515 (mobile)
The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas is near to Wack Wack Golf and Country Club
The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas Center Pasig
The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas Center Pasig – Typical 1 Bedroom Condo Layout

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